A one stop home based student care service that allow parents to engage with certified teachers to supervise their child. With the idea built upon the concept of convenience and how services in this generation are just a phone away, UI/UX design on website and mobile app are employed for parents to search for a reliable home based care teacher through nearest location, and engage in activities that nurtures the child’s main areas of development.


Print, Digital & Web

Undergraduate Program at

Nanyang Technological University

(Final Year Project)



In Singapore, it common for both parents to be working and require someone dependable to provide before or after school care services for their child, especially those in primary school.

The approaches parents seek are from grandparents, student care centers, helpers or nannies. Each options present challenges relating to lack of dependability, discipline, knowledge and proper certification.

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Web & Mobile App

The website is informational based; where it tells the story of how Companion came about and for users to reach out if anything. The mobile application is the core platform for users to engage with teachers, send their child for recreational classes or those with relevant qualifications to attend care courses.

Creation of a home based student care platform

Parents should not feel like they have to settle for less just because their child or careers don't not fit into the norms or requirements of existing before / after school care services in Singapore.