Old Times 古早味

A publication series that focuses on nostalgic themes in Singapore. The challenge here is to come up with a longevity strategy and to consider every typographic details from hierarchy, grids, layout, space, font size etc, engaging the audience in the most creative way possible through visuals and readability.


Undergraduate Program at

Magazine, Print

Nanyang Technological University



Research and a trip down to these nostalgic sites are conducted to be inspired, gain better understanding and to be able to establish the right tone and mood for the project.

Majority of the images and copy writing does not belong to me, as the objective here is to present the assets and content in the most aesthetic and legible manner.


"When policemen wore shorts..." - Ahma

Used to describe, back in those days..


Starting off with coffee, the subsequent series would be on snacks, toys, space and etc. There are just so much stories and vintage items to share about Singapore and this would be an ideal medium to learn more.